Reviews and Customer Testimonies

Wall Street Journal Special Rates Kelley’s Katch “Best Value”

“Ah, The world’s great caviars. Beluga from Russia, Osetra from Iran. And, of course, Kelley’s Katch from Tennessee…

Our Chef’s Favorite. with a balanced flavor, nice shine and evenly gray-colored eggs with the right degree of “pop”.
Charles Passy
Wall Street Journal

“Great Caviar… Perfect for Caviar Pie!!”
Pat Kerr
Pat Kerr, Inc.

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16 thoughts on “Reviews and Customer Testimonies

  1. Please notify when paddlefish back in stock.

  2. I purchase Kelley’s Katch caviar a couple of times a year.. it’s the absolute best!

  3. It’s the best on the market for paddlefish . Very similar taste to the real deal!!!

  4. How would you describe the difference(s) between the wild & farm-raised paddlefish caviar?

    1. The farm-raised paddlefish caviar is milder in taste than the wild caught paddlefish caviar.

      1. That hits the target perfectly. Thanks!

  5. Do you expect to run out of paddlefish this holiday season like you did last year?

    1. No sir, we have caviar available for the holidays.

  6. What do most people prefer. Farm Raised or Wild Caught?

    1. Most people prefer the Wild Caught.

  7. We get Kelley’s Katch paddlefish roe for every big holiday. We love it, and impress our guests with bowls of caviar!

  8. Yet another year of perfect Caviar. These guys are pros, the best, look no other place.

  9. I was walking my sons dog and noticed a neighbor had her recycle bin out and on top was a box that said, ‘Kelley’s Katch.’ Mind you this neighborhood is filled with over million dollar homes. So I went on line and found the web site. I plan on ordering and trying the recipes you so kindly posted. I’ll let you know how my guests enjoy your product.

  10. Several years back my wife and I were sitting in a fine hotel in Capri, Italy and noticed a woman by herself drinking champagne and eating caviar. We struck up a conversation and it turned out she was a doctor from Sloan-Kettering in NYC. I told her about Kelley’s Katch and the Wall Street Journal review. She was incredulous. Two years ago at the same hotel we ran into her again. She told us how she had a holiday party and had several Russian colleagues over. They raved about the “sevruga” caviar and how it had to be Petrossian or imported Iranian. That it was the best they had ever tasted. Needless to say they were blown away when she told them it was Kelley’s Katch from Tennesse!

  11. No holiday in our house is complete without Kelley’s Katch Caviar. We love it, and all of our friends are converts. Best of the best.

  12. Hands down, the best quality product and customer service in the business. All others will continue to compete for second place or participation ribbons.

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