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Called by many as “AMERICA’S FINEST…”

KELLEY’S KATCH CAVIAR is produced from the roe of paddlefish found in rivers of Tennessee and other American States. It is a pearl gray in color and has a firm texture that is lightly salted (MALOSSOL). The appearance and size are very comparable to Sevruga caviar. Kelley’s Katch Caviar is not pasteurized and must be kept refrigerated at all times.

The Kelley’s are in their 30th year in the caviar business and Kelley’s Katch Caviar has received national recognition as being “The Best Value” in AMERICAN PADDLEFISH CAVIAR.

We offer caviar in many sizes…2 oz, 4 oz, 7 oz and 14 oz tins, as well as bulk containers are available.

All orders are shipped priority overnight via FedEx. If you place your order after 3:00 PM, it will be shipped the following day.

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